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I really am a female carpenter.

I also love to write, speak, and blog about Christ and spiritiual construction. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy.

Spiritual Remodeling

Get Closer To Jesus TODAY!

    What if I told you that you could get closer to Jesus today–in one moment even, and in that singular moment massive changes in your life could occur. Would you believe me? Would you label it as ‘hype.’ Would it make your heart beat faster because this is what you have been longing for?      We have all heard it said that change doesn’t happen overnight. Decisions on the other hand, they happen instantaneously. It is this ‘instantaneous’ thought that I would like to explore and apply to our spiritual endeavors. Since decisions happen in an instant,… 

How To Have True Intimacy In Your Marriage

  Do you desire to have true intimacy in your marriage? Do you ever feel disconnected from your husband? I know I have on many occasions—sometimes even for months at a time. In fact, things got so bad between us that as I look back, I think we were literally on our last leg—one small step away from the bottomless cliff. I shutter to think of it. Our marriage became a miserable institution, both parties feeling cold and lonely. Of course we wanted things to be better between us. We wanted true and lasting intimacy. We wanted a happy and… 

What is Spiritual Remodeling?

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60 Second Devotion Videos

  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 1

    Do you need help controlling your words? So did I. Let me show you how I overcame angry words.
  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 2

    When "I'm sorry" is not enough, go and make things right.
  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 3

    Devotion. Keep your focus on GOD, not your circumstances

Recent Posts

10 Ways To Create Intimacy In Marriage

Ladies, do you want to have more intimacy in your marriage? With men, respect and intimacy go hand in hand. Men crave respect more than any other thing—and if they don’t get it—intimacy dies a slow and agonizing death.   Ladies, our husbands have a deep—I mean core level deep—craving. No, it is not sex, although that need is right up there too. The need I am talking about is this: Your husband desires respect from you. That’s it—plain and not-so-simple (because nothing in a relationship is simple). This ‘need’ comes pre-packaged with a type of ‘respect-o-meter.’ And that meter… 

Foster Parenting–How To Love A Child That Is Not Your Own

Foster parents. Those people who choose to love a child that is not their own are people that I greatly admire. I have nothing but respect and huge admiration for these vessels of GOD. I believe that they are really angels on earth. Here is a short story of one such Foster Family who CHOSE TO LOVE A CHILD WHO WAS NOT THIER OWN.     ‘Where am I?’ She sits up fast and looks around bewildered. Heart pounding and breathing fast she tries to swallow the terror that threatens. Wide awake now, she rubs the sleep from her eyes…. 


WHEN SORRY IS NOT ENOUGH Have you ever had someone apologize to you, and you knew it was insincere? They said ‘sorry,’ but never changed their behavior towards you. How did that make you feel? Hammers are a lot like the words we speak—they can either be used like framing hammers which build and create or, they can be used like sledgehammers that destroy and tear down. Besides a pounding side though, hammers also have a ‘nail-pull’ side.  When a nail has been mis-pounded, the nail-pull helps to pull that thing back out. Our words also have one, and, when… 

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