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I really am a female carpenter.

I also love to write, speak, and blog about Christ and spiritiual construction. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy.

Spiritual Remodeling

Get Closer To Jesus TODAY!

    What if I told you that you could get closer to Jesus today–in one moment even, and in that singular moment massive changes in your life could occur. Would you believe me? Would you label it as ‘hype.’ Would it make your heart beat faster because this is what you have been longing for?      We have all heard it said that change doesn’t happen overnight. Decisions on the other hand, they happen instantaneously. It is this ‘instantaneous’ thought that I would like to explore and apply to our spiritual endeavors. Since decisions happen in an instant,… 

How To Have True Intimacy In Your Marriage

  Do you desire to have true intimacy in your marriage? Do you ever feel disconnected from your husband? I know I have on many occasions—sometimes even for months at a time. In fact, things got so bad between us that as I look back, I think we were literally on our last leg—one small step away from the bottomless cliff. I shutter to think of it. Our marriage became a miserable institution, both parties feeling cold and lonely. Of course we wanted things to be better between us. We wanted true and lasting intimacy. We wanted a happy and… 

What is Spiritual Remodeling?

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60 Second Devotion Videos

  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 1

    Do you need help controlling your words? So did I. Let me show you how I overcame angry words.
  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 2

    When "I'm sorry" is not enough, go and make things right.
  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 3

    Devotion. Keep your focus on GOD, not your circumstances

Recent Posts

Does God Still Perform Miracles Today?

My husband asked me the other day if I have ever experienced a time in my adult life where GOD has worked some kind of miracle. Have you ever experienced a true miracle? I came up with several answers. I told him about times that GOD had answered prayers for me, and even a time when GOD saved our daughter’s life. To which he answered, “Not good enough. I don’t want a time that could be chalked up to emotions, doctor’s intervention, science, or circumstances. I want a time where GOD moved in such a way that a skeptic could… 

What Am I Supposed To Do When Life Gets Difficult?

Life is full of troubles. Sometimes is it crushingly difficult.  Life has a way of throwing us zingers—bounced checks, Chernobyl diapers, and flat tires; are bad enough, but what about when these zingers are even bigger and harder to bear? What if you’ve lost a job or a loved one? Or what if you are going through a horribly painful divorce? What if you’ve just heard bad news from your doctor or your home is being repossessed? What do you do with these painful circumstances? What can YOU do when life is too hard to live? I think there are… 

Acts of Kindness

Here in the good ole US of A, we call them acts of kindness, but in Israel, they’re called Mitzvahs. Whatever you decide to call them, they are kind gestures that we do for one another. Doing acts of kindness is something that every true disciple of Jesus should be thinking about and doing every day—whenever we see the need. In fact it is one of the greatest Commandments—Love God and love each other. Christ did many acts of kindness. His first miracle confirms it—when He turned the water into wine. Not just any kind of wine mind you, it… 

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