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I really am a female carpenter.

I also love to write, speak, and blog about Christ and spiritiual construction. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy.

Spiritual Remodeling

Get Closer To Jesus TODAY!

    What if I told you that you could get closer to Jesus today–in one moment even, and in that singular moment massive changes in your life could occur. Would you believe me? Would you label it as ‘hype.’ Would it make your heart beat faster because this is what you have been longing for?      We have all heard it said that change doesn’t happen overnight. Decisions on the other hand, they happen instantaneously. It is this ‘instantaneous’ thought that I would like to explore and apply to our spiritual endeavors. Since decisions happen in an instant,… 

How To Have True Intimacy In Your Marriage

  Do you desire to have true intimacy in your marriage? Do you ever feel disconnected from your husband? I know I have on many occasions—sometimes even for months at a time. In fact, things got so bad between us that as I look back, I think we were literally on our last leg—one small step away from the bottomless cliff. I shutter to think of it. Our marriage became a miserable institution, both parties feeling cold and lonely. Of course we wanted things to be better between us. We wanted true and lasting intimacy. We wanted a happy and… 

What is Spiritual Remodeling?

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Learn how Mary uses the analogy of spiritual remodeling.

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60 Second Devotion Videos

  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 1

    Do you need help controlling your words? So did I. Let me show you how I overcame angry words.
  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 2

    When "I'm sorry" is not enough, go and make things right.
  • The Pink Toolbelt Devotion 3

    Devotion. Keep your focus on GOD, not your circumstances

Recent Posts

Dig out the Toxic Soil

Before a builder can construct a home, he must perform a soils test on the land to ensure that there has been no chemical or toxic spill on or under the ground. If the test comes back positive the ground must be cleaned up before any construction can begin. Cleaning up toxic soil is costly and time-consuming. Many times the contractor will cut his losses and move onto the next property on his list. He does not have the time or money to clean the land.                In spiritual construction, we do not have the luxury of cutting our losses. We… 

Forgive Like Christ

Being like Christ in every area of my life is my greatest goal. And let me tell you, it is the most challenging goal I have ever set for myself. It requires a death to self…daily…constantly. And I got to say—my ‘self’ don’t like to die!! One areas of change that has been quite challenging is learning how to forgive like Christ taught us to forgive. There is a certain person in my life who is constantly hurting me and the ones I love. This person is a professional at devaluing people, causing undo drama and confusion, and inciting chaos…. 

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